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  • Aydın GoTürkiye

    The Büyük Menderes Basin (Büyük Menderes Havzası), known as the “Valley of Civilizations” with its favorable climate and fertile land, has witnessed an intense cultural development throughout history.

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    Located in the centre of Aydın, the ancient city of Tralleis is the city where the architect Anthemios, who designed Hagia Sophia, and the Physician Alexandros, who has an important place in the history of medicine, were born and raised.



    Aydın has a diverse cuisine culture with its rich cultural heritage and the influence of the historical civilizations.



    You can make your Aydın trip unforgettable by breathing the fragrance of pine, oak, sycamore, terebinth, chestnut...



    The fame of handmade pottery, maintained for many years in the district of Karacasu, has spread across the borders and found its place under the name Karacasu Pottery.



    The Golden Güvercin Songwriting Contest, which is the only traditional music contest in Türkiye in the field of pop music, is being organized continuously for more than 30 years.



    10 vibes for Aydın

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    The Ancient City of Aphrodisias, dedicated to the name of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, welcomes its visitors with its magnificent splendour.

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    You can enjoy the sea and the sun at many points, especially Kuşadası and Didim, in Aydın, which offers a pleasant sea holiday with its magnificent deep blue sea, blue flag certified beaches and unique bays.